COVID-19 executive cyber briefing: 6 April 2020

Global Cyber COVID-19 weekly executive briefing

A weekly high-level brief for organizational leadership that focuses on some of the most current cyber threats and trends as identified by Deloitte Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI), with near-term recommendations on managing cyber risks to respond, recover and thrive through the COVID-19 global pandemic.

This week’s issue focuses on managing cyber in the remote workforce. Many organizations are relying on employees to use personal devices to access company systems and are vulnerable to cyber threats such as:

  • Cybercriminals and advanced persistence threat (APT) groups are delivering a wide range of malware variants through unprotected devices and end points
  • COVID-19 themed phishing schemes are wreaking havoc for organizations and employees
  • Threats have targeted home routers and video and audio-conferencing tools which are creating risk to intellectual property and proprietary conversations.
Global Cyber COVID-19 weekly executive briefing: 6 April 2020
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