High volume documentation solutions

We can help you effectively mitigate the impact of COVID-19 on your business

We are all witnessing the impact that COVID 19 has not just on our
daily lives, but also on the operations of most organisations and businesses.

We believe that joint efforts can eliminate or at least reduce the negative consequences that COVID 19 will have on all businesses in the Republic of Serbia.

Introducing a moratorium on repayment of credit obligations is one such measure. This measure was adopted by the Government of the Republic of Serbia and implemented by the National Bank of Serbia in order to reduce the financial burden to loan obligors.

Processing of these moratoriums, as well as all other subsequent modifications, represents an extremely heavy burden on all bank resources. These activities require constant communication with customers, mass data processing and, above all, timely response from the Bank.

Deloitte has developed a tool that addresses most of the problems you are
currently facing or will be facing. The solution is based on RPA technology.

Some of the key features of the tool are:

  • Process & decision making support
  • Automated documentation review and segregation
  • Repayment schedule generation & NPV optimization
  • Mass document creation 
  • Automated sending
  • Tracking and reporting
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