Security awareness training

Phishing emails, spyware, hacking and data theft have become a natural part of our digital everyday lives. Make your employees the best protection against cyber threats through cyber awareness training.
Up to 90% of all cyber incidents are caused by human action. Companies should therefore pay more attention to the cybersecurity hygiene of their employees. In this context, education and training is a cost-effective way to lower your risk of experiencing a cyber incident. Still, to fully anchor a good cybersecurity culture combined with a high level of cyber awareness can be difficult for the following reasons:

  • Lack of motivation and understanding of value and purpose.
  • Lack of real-life examples – e mployees cannot relate to training materials. 
  • Difficult and time-consuming leads to cyber awareness training being downgraded on the company agenda.


How can Deloitte help?

Deloitte offers cyber awareness training and education that ensures that your organisation is at their best when it comes to being aware of potential cyberattacks.

Deloitte's Awareness platform and the surrounding awareness program model activities are designed to give the employees a greater awareness and knowledge of the role they play in relation to IT security, thereby raising general security to a higher level. To make the awareness training as effective as possible, we work from a desire to create a deep understanding of your organisation and culture. This understanding helps to implement the right elements where they create the greatest value.

We recognise that awareness programs need to be measurable, and follow-up campaigns initiated according to best practice. In our view, awareness training must create synergies between products, behaviour and culture to fully anchor cybersecurity as a culture. Our approach is divided into following phases:

  • Onboarding, understanding and assignment
    To create the greatest value, we want to know what is driving you and how you operate. Understanding your culture and how cybersecurity lives within your organisation is the first step towards developing the right cyber awareness project for you.
  • Assessment
    We assess your current level of cyber awareness to form measurable KPIs for the awareness training project.
  • Design
    We design the awareness training sessions to fit your current level of cyber awareness and future desires.
  • Implementation
    We implement awareness training. Typically the projects run for about 6 months with a new topic every month.
  • Evaluation
    We follow and evaluate the progress to see if we need to make adjustments or further reinforcement in certain areas.



Dejan Perić

Dejan Perić

Director, Risk Advisory

Dejan, a BA in business management, is a Director in Deloitte’s Serbian Risk Advisory – IT Risk and Controls practice with more than 17 years of professional experience. He made his career by leading ... More

Aleksandar Mirković

Aleksandar Mirković

Manager, Risk Advisory

Aleksandar Mirkovic has more than 18 years of professional experience in cybersecurity and information system planning and audit. During that time, he worked as lead project manager on information sec... More