Tax Alert, July 2018

Adoption of the changes and amendments to the Rulebook on the form and contents of VAT records and on the contents of the VAT calculation breakdown

One of the major changes includes the clarification of the basis for entering information into the POPDV form, specifically that only an invoice (for performed supplies, changes in the fee etc.) or a similar document represents the basis for the entering of information. An exception to the stated rule pertains to information on supplies for which the recipient is the tax debtor and for advance payments, regardless of the type of supply. In these cases, information should be entered into the POPDV form based on all possible sources. The aforementioned change should alleviate the obligation to enter information regarding supplies for which no invoice or similar document was received, except in cases involving the aforementioned exceptions.

Additionally, the changes and amendments to the rulebook in question specify that from July 1 2018 until June 30 2019, the competent tax authorities will disregard incorrect information stated in the POPDV from when such information is of no relevance for the determination of the tax liability.

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