Nemanja Vujić

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Nemanja Vujić

Deloitte Serbia

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Nemanja is a Senior Manager in the Management Consulting department and a leader in the banking industry. He has over 10 years of experience in the financial industry as he started his career at the Bank Intesa in 2011, as a director of the Department of organization. He has gained his expertise in Milan working in the Intesa Sanpaolo Group and investment company Eurizon Capital. He has managed various projects in Serbia, Italy, and the Balkan region. His career has been marked by transformation projects such as service model improvements, organizational design, digitalization and paperless, process efficiency and cost-cutting initiatives, sales push, as well as portfolio acquisition, and IT development and migration initiatives.

Nemanja graduated from the Faculty of Economy, the University of Belgrade where he also acquired his master's degree. Additional education he gained at the University Cattolica in Milan.

Nemanja Vujić