Нафта, гас и хемикалије

Deloitte-ови стручњаци за нафту, гас и хемикалије раде са клијентима из ове индустрије како би максимизовали потенцијале њиховог пословања. Од великих компанија и трговинских фирми па до оних независних, пружамо услуге и решења која најбоље одговарају пословању и људима.

Role of blockchain in the energy and resources industry

The blockchain revolution has gone beyond the financial services industry and is evolving as the next game changer for many businesses across many sectors. Is blockchain ready for prime time in the energy and resources industry? Is it a hype—or a genuine agent of change? Deloitte brings you insights into how blockchain could impact the energy and resources industry.

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2020 Global chemical industry mergers and acquisitions outlook

Executive summary

In 2019, global chemical M&A volume dropped by three percent from 2018. However, the industry displayed robust M&A activity even amidst global uncertainties. With continued trade tensions, geopolitical events and slowing economies forming barriers to growth, can the chemicals industry overcome these hurdles and nourish continued M&A activity in 2020?

How will the trends observed in 2019 impact the industry in 2020? Which chemical sectors will drive M&A activity? Will the increasing challenges faced by the chemical industry reduce M&A or incentivize players to use M&A to grow? Will chemical companies and private equity be more hesitant to pull the trigger on acquisitions, or will the hesitancy be outweighed by the tailwinds of abundant capital and low interest rates? The 2020 Global chemical industry mergers and acquisitions outlook answers these questions and examines the deal activity across major markets and sectors.

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Global oil & gas tax newsletter

Views from around the world

Highlighting tax developments of current interest to companies operating in the oil and gas industry, whether upstream or downstream, and businesses in the oilfield services, engineering and construction industries.

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