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Deloitte’s high-impact HR operating model: Business HR

New era. New challenges. New Business HR role.

One of the major shifts in achieving the Deloitte high-impact HR (HIHR) operating model is taking the role of Business HR to the next level—creating expert consultants close to the business.

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High-impact HR

What is holding HR back from making the impact the business expects?

Bersin by Deloitte high-impact research, combined with experience with complex clients in the field, has revealed three primary drivers:

  1. The traditional definition of the Business HR role has not evolved or adapted to meet the business and workforce challenges of the 21st century. Business leaders and often times HR itself have an aged perspective on HR’s strategic and business potential.
  2. Business HR roles have typically been left to evolve organically in the hope to become more strategic merely by centralizing some activities to a traditional HR Shared Services group and implementing HR technology. These changes or use of titles like “HR Business Partner” generally have not provided the Business HR teams with the tools, training, or infrastructure to realize the seemingly elusive goal of becoming strategic.
  3. The geographical spread of global organizations often means that the local administrative roles get combined with a more strategic role, which potentially further undermines the job content of the Business HR role.
Deloitte’s High-Impact HR Operating Model: Business HR
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