Open Talent Economy

Welcome to the open talent economy—a new era in talent management. This collaborative, transparent, technology-enabled, rapid-cycle way of doing business has changed the talent landscape.


The Open Talent Economy

Jump ahead to the year 2020. Half the people you rely on don't actually work for you and that's a good thing—if you're ready.


Beyond retention

Survey respondents say retention and engagement is the second biggest human capital challenge they face (after leadership gaps). What’s the secret to becoming a “talent magnet” in the coming years?


Talent Strategies

Winning in the open talent economy. Learn about our services. 


Трендови у области људских ресурса у 2015. години

Лидери из целог света учествовали су у Deloitte-овом истраживању Трендови у области људских ресурса у 2015. години и идентификовали кључне трендове који мењају област људских ресурса.

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