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2015 FT-Deloitte US Healthcare Conference

The healthcare and life sciences industry is facing a time of both tumultuous change and momentous opportunity. In the U.S., healthcare reform has reached a new level of maturity and is beginning to transform the landscape of the industry for life sciences companies, payers, providers and patients.

The Financial Times, in association with Deloitte, is proud to present the FT U.S. Healthcare & Life Sciences Conference, May 6, 2015 in New York. Explore Deloitte's latest insights on key industry issues to be discussed at the conference.

The Financial Times U.S. Healthcare & Life Sciences Conference

Deloitte is proud to once again be the lead sponsor of the Financial Times U.S. Healthcare and Life Sciences Conference (follow #FTUSHC on Twitter), one of America's pre-eminent industry events attended by leading executives, government decision makers, investors, analysts and other specialist providers. Join senior life sciences and health care executives to debate, discuss, and respond to today's critical industry issues and to look at the impact of reform on the industry.

Deloitte participants

  • Pete Mooney, DTTL Life Sciences and Health Care Industry Leader - Growth and Transformation Strategies at the Intersection of Change: M&A and Beyond panel, 11:50am
  • Jennifer Malatesta, Deloitte U.S. Life Sciences Advisory Leader - The Potential and Perils of Digital Health and Cyber Security panel, 3:00pm

Use DELSM when registering to receive a 25% discount off the current registration rate. Learn more at www.ft-live.com/ushc2015.

May 6, 2015

The Metropolitan Club

New York, NY

The future of health care

Industry outlooks 2015

What factors are likely to shape the life sciences and health care industry in the coming year and beyond? Explore our global outlooks and our U.S. outlooks to see what is ahead in 2015. 

Predictions 2020

The Predictions 2020 report is based on an observation of trends, events, and bold steps that, if accelerated over the next five years and beyond, paint a picture of a very different vision of health care in 2020. 

A consumer-driven culture of health

The Affordable Care Act has disrupted the US health care market. Discover how out of this disruption may emerge an open, consumer-driven health care ecosystem focused on transparency, actionable insights, collaboration, and engagement may emerge.

Value-based pricing and reimbursement

Value-based care: Innovative collaboration drives value across the health care ecosystem

The Life Sciences Executive Series explores how CEOs should evaluate value-based care as an opportunity to develop deeper relationships with payer and provider customers through collaborations such as shared accountability models.

The road to value-based care

Value-based payment models for health care have the potential to upend traditional patient care and business models. Explore what an organization do to effectively make the shift?

Preparing for the inevitable: The path to physician success in a value-based world

The Deloitte 2014 Survey of U.S. Physicians examines current and expected levels of VBC engagement by physicians, and details what resources and skills physicians think could help put them on a path to success.

M&A and beyond

M&A trends in life sciences and health care: Growth at the global intersection of change

The Economist Intelligence Unit, in collaboration with Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited, surveyed 240+ senior life sciences and health care executives for their insights into the forces underlying the current M&A trends in the life sciences and health care industry.

Medical technology M&A: Market on the upswing?

M&A can help medical technology companies overcome growth challenges and capitalize on opportunities within a relatively short timeframe.

Post merger integration report 2015: Putting the pieces together

This survey report focuses on the post-merger integration phase of the merger & acquisition lifecycle, sharing the views of 800+ executives on what drives successes and what foils deals.

Digital health and cyber security

Cyber & insider risk: Tightening safegaurds against IP theft in the pharma industry

This article discuss the areas that companies should consider in tightening up their safeguards against intellectual property theft.

A look at the FDA guidance on medical device security

Recent guidance issued by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has put the security of medical devices back in the spotlight. Explore what corporate leaders should consider. 

Greg Reh speaks on health wearables: Listen to the podcast

Greg Reh discusses how wearable devices can make a meaningful impact on patient-centered health care and demonstrate a clear return on investment.

Health Care Current: Insights to keep you informed and ahead

This weekly series explores breaking news and developments in the U.S. health care industry, examines key issues facing life sciences and health care companies and provides updates and insights on policy, regulatory and legislative changes.

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