Financial Times & Deloitte U.S. Healthcare and Life Sciences Conference

Embracing change, fostering growth

Quickly becoming one of the most pre-eminent health care and life sciences industry events, the conference includes leading executives, government decision makers, investors, analysts and other specialist providers. It provides a unique platform to present new perspectives, share insights, discuss the industry's future and network with peers across the whole health care value chain.

May 6, 2015 | Metropolitan Club | New York, NY USA

Health care reform in the U.S. is reaching a new level of maturity, with a growing realization that despite the ebb and flow of political maneuvering and change, reform is here to stay. At this important juncture, what can we ascertain about how reform will transform the health care market in the U.S.? Will the industry continue to embrace change? What are the strategies companies are enacting to foster innovation and take advantage of technological advances in medicine while still addressing issues such as aging populations, rising costs, and security and privacy? 

Confirmed speakers

  • Paul Hudson, U.S. Country Head, AstraZeneca 
  • Geno Germano, Group President. Global Innovative Pharma Business, Pfizer 
  • Dame Louise Makin, Chief Executive Officer, BTG International plc
  • Joshua Ofman, Senior Vice President, Global Value and Access, Amgen
  • Reynold W. (Pete) Mooney, Global Leader, Life Sciences and Health Care, Deloitte
  • Christi Shaw, U.S. Country Head, Novartis, President, Novartis Corporation
  • Malay Gandhi, Managing Director, Rock Health
  • Dr. Troyen Brennan, Chief Medical Officer, CVS Health
  • Dr. Aubrey de Gray, Chief Scientific Officer and Co-Founder, SENS Research Foundation
  • Drew Holzapfel, Executive Director, Global CEO Initiative on Alzheimer’s Disease
  • Todd Hobbs, Chief Medical Officer, NovoNordisk, North America
  • Dr. Jay Olshansky, Professor School of Public Health, University of Illionois, Chicago
  • Dr. Peter Bach, Director, Center for Health Policy and Outcomes, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center
  • Dr. Felix Frueh,Chief Scientific Officer, Human Longevity, Inc.
  • Pierre-Alexandre Fournier,Co-Founder and CEO, Hexoskin
  • Walter de Brouwer, Founder and CEO, Scanadu
  • Jennifer Malatesta, Principal, Deloitte
  • Jeremy Levin, Chairman, Ovid Therapeutics
  • John LaMattina, Senior Partner, Puretech Health
  • Dr. John Rowe, Professor of Health Policy and Management, Columbia University

Visit the conference website at www.ft-live.com/ushc2015 to learn more about the speakers, agenda, topics to be covered and to register. Please use marketing code FTDEL to receive 25% off the current registration rate.