Beyond the Pioneer


Beyond the pioneer

Getting inclusive industries to scale

Across the developing world, a new kind of business is emerging to serve and benefit the poor. It is known by many names: market-based solutions to poverty, inclusive business, impact enterprise, social enterprise, or an enterprise serving the Bottom of the Pyramid.

There has been great excitement about the proliferation of market-based solutions to the challenges of poverty. But while there is impressive innovation throughout Asia, Africa and Latin America, disappointingly few of these solutions have scaled. So what are the barriers to scale for market-based solutions? Where these solutions have achieved scale, how has this been achieved?

This report, published by Monitor Deloitte, is motivated by the need to address these questions. This report is based on a year-long initiative to understand the challenges of scaling and how they can be overcome. It is the culmination of hundreds of interviews, dozens of site visits, and Monitor Inclusive Markets’ own experience of scaling market-based solutions on the ground. We hope that it will be the start of an important conversation about what all of us-foundations, aid-donors, mission-driven intermediaries, multilateral development agencies, impact investors, host governments and companies-can do to fulfil the exciting promise of market-based solutions for the poor.

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Beyond the Pioneer: Getting inclusive industries to scale
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