TMT Predictions 2015

Explore what's ahead in Technology, Media, and Telecoms

Deloitte’s annual Technology, Media & Telecommunications (TMT) Predictions identify key developments over the next 12-18 months that are likely to have significant impact on companies in the TMT space and other industries.


      Contactless mobile payments (finally) gain momentum

      Deloitte predicts that by end-2015, five percent of the base of 600-650 million near-field communication (NFC) equipped phones will be used at least once a month to make contactless in-store payments at retail outlets. Read more of this prediction.


      The "generation that won’t spend" is spending a lot on media content

      Deloitte predicts that North American millennials will spend over $62 billion on media content in 2015.


      The connectivity chasms deepen: the growing gap in broadband speeds

      Deloitte predicts that in developed countries, the average broadband speeds obtained by the top decile will be 5x or greater than the lowest decile. Read the additional insights in this prediction. 


      Живот у Deloitte-у

      Deloitte је јединствено место за рад због људи и културе.


      The Internet of Things really is things, not people

      Deloitte predicts that in 2015 one billion wireless Internet of Things (IoT) devices will be shipped, up 60% from 2014, leading to an installed base of 2.8 billion devices. Read more about this prediction.


      3D printing is a revolution: just not the revolution you think

      Deloitte predicts, in line with the industry consensus, that in 2015 nearly 220,000 3D printers will be sold worldwide, with a dollar value of $1.6 billion, representing 100% unit growth and no more than 80% growth in dollars versus 2014. But that’s not the interesting part of the prediction ...


      Smartphone batteries: better but no breakthrough

      Deloitte predicts that the rechargeable, lithium ion (Li-Ion) battery technology used in all smartphones will improve only modestly in 2015.


      The re-enterprization of IT

      Deloitte predicts that in 2015 the impetus for IT adoption will swing back to the enterprise market following a decade of consumer-led technological change.


      Nanosats take off, but they don't take over

      Deloitte predicts that by the end of 2015 over 500 additional nanosats will be in orbit. Prior to 2014, only 75 nanosats had ever been launched, so the prediction calls for a 400% increase. Read additional insights about this prediction.