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SAP case studies

In our decades of working with SAP solutions, we’ve taken on virtually every business challenge imaginable. Here are a few of the most recent examples that may be relevant to you.

Finance transformation. Inventory management. Regulatory compliance. HR transformation. CRM. Supply chain. Global growth. You name it, and we’ve helped clients use SAP solutions to do it. And along the way, we’ve learned a few things – some of which may be helpful to you in your own SAP journey. So whether you’re looking for ways that others facing similar challenges have used SAP to help, or simply want to find out if we’re up to the job of helping you, please have a look at this mix of video case studies and write-ups.

Hampshire County Council (HCC) has deployed SAP Fiori as a shared service model in its Integrated Business Centre (IBC). As part of its mobility strategy, HCC plans the roll out for 55,000 users across mobile devices in locations such as schools and libraries. Making it simple to use was the only way users could access the system. View the video above to learn more.

When Paladini decided to engage Deloitte to overhaul their ERP, they got more than they imagined they would. The SAP solution reached far into every corner of their business, making the implementation “…truly a turning point for the company.” Watch the video above to learn more.

By implementing an SAP CRM solution, Deloitte Global SAP Practice helped the Buenos Aires City Government better process the citizen requests to repair the sideways and roadways of this cosmopolitan city, and manage the construction workflow. 

By applying their SAP expertise and a sound change management plan, Deloitte delivered on time and as promised, and reinvigorated PetroTiger's confidence so they could see the potential of an ERP that can run their business reliably and securely. Watch the video above to see how…

Using their industry expertise, sharing best practices, and a wholesale distribution solution run on SAP HANA, Deloitte was able to help National DCP improve business processes to better serve the 7,000 Dunkin Donuts franchisees around the world. Watch the video above to see how…

Implementing an ERP package is a risk…but our organization stepped forward and embraced the change. My expectations have been met tenfold.” Glazer’s plans for growth couldn’t be realized without replacing their legacy ERP system. The U.S.-based alcohol beverage distributor opted for SAP, and chose Deloitte for their implementation and change management expertise. Three-and-a-half-years later, Glazer’s runs on a common platform that provides complete visibility into their business and helps them deliver better service to their customers. Watch the video above to see how…

When Medtronic sought to augment their position as a global leader in medical devices, they engaged Deloitte to help them harness the transformative power of analytics.  In tandem with Medtronic’s stakeholders, SAP, and an Art of the Possible workshop, Deloitte would uncover a strategy, roadmap and wins that would allow the team to realize success quickly, and keep the business engaged in the transformation. Today, Medtronic is leveraging medical technology and in-memory analytics to run their own business more efficiently and better serve their partners and patients around the world. Watch the video above to see how…

Astellas Reinforces the Foundation - Pharmaceutical Firm Uses SAP Upgrade as Launching Pad for New Business Initiatives

Since implementing SAP ERP in 2006, the timing for an ERP upgrade just never seemed right for the Americas division of global pharmaceutical firm Astellas. Despite the pressing goal of standardizing on a single SAP platform across its global regions, there were always other IT projects under way, such as adding functionality to the existing system, opening new geographies, or integrating newly acquired companies onto the IT platform.

Astellas Reinforces the Foundation

Brewing up Process Change

Grupo Modelo manages risk with SAP's latest solutions for GRC.

Brewing up process change

Agropur Fine Cheese Division

Read how a food company laid the foundation for expansion with a fast, focused implementation of SAP R/3® Enterprise.

Agropur Fine Cheese Division

All Aboard!

Amtrak's legacy HR systems had left the station. Next stop: HR transformation with SAP ECC 6.0

All Aboard!

Arla Foods: Cultivating Sophisticated Financials with SAP BusinessObjects™ Software

Learn how Arla Foods gained an international foot print for accurate financial reporting and the ability to immediately analyze its financial situation at any point.

Arla Foods: Cultivating Sophisticated Financials with SAP BusinessObjects™ Software

Bluewater Power

This case study explains how BlueWater's implementation of SAP as its customer-care platform is leading the way for small- and mid-sized utilities to harness the power of SAP.

Bluewater Power
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