Deloitte is a special partner of the 2016 Kazan Finopolis Forum


Implementing innovative technologies in the financial sector

Deloitte is a special partner of the 2016 Kazan Finopolis Forum

On 13-14 October, the second 2016 Finopolis Innovative Financial Technology Forum will be held in Kazan. The event is organised by the Bank of Russia and the government of Tatarstan. Russian and global players operating in Russia will participate in the forum. The event is expected to facilitate an exchange of best practices in the area of innovative financial technologies.

Deloitte CIS is a special partner of the forum. Deloitte will be represented at the forum by eight specialists: Tal Chen, Head of TMT Corporate Finance Advisory, Deloitte Israel; Sergei Neklyudov, Financial Services Industry Leader, Deloitte CIS; Stefan Dierks, Partner, Deloitte Data Analytics Institute; Alexey Minin, CIS Data Analytics Institute Leader; Lora Zemlyanskaya, Research Centre Leader; Artem Tolkachev, Director, Legal Services for Technology Projects; Rafail Miftakhov, Director, Technology Integration; and Oleg Romanov, Senior Manager, Financial Institutions.

Tal Chen will take part in the session entitled “FinTech Ecosystem Development in Russia. Sandbox, Hubs, Accelerators.” Alexey Minin will speak at the session entitled “Development of Big Data and Artificial Intellect Tools: Will Robots Supersede Financiers?” Lora Zemlyanskaya will share the insight at the discussion entitled “Innovations in the Financial Market as Clients See Them: New Opportunities vs. Habits.” Sergei Neklyudov will be a key participant at the discussion entitled “InsurTech: an Example of How Technologies Change the Insurance Market,” while Artem Tolkachev will participate in the discussion entitled “Crowd Financing and P2P as Alternatives to Traditional Financing for Small Enterprises.”

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