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Over half of CFOs in Russia now optimistic: Deloitte survey

"It's showing, in summary, some of the improving confidence which you would pick up from the macro picture," Ian Colbourne, CEO of Deloitte CIS, told Reuters on the sidelines of the forum.

He described the survey outcome as "positively pragmatic though not euphoric."

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Russia's “Outstanding” Human Capital–Deloitte CIS 

According to the professional services firm Deloitte CIS, Russia has incredible human capital.

Russia has an incredible human capital, which may be seen within Deloitte CIS, one of the Big Four professional services firms, as Ian Colebourne, the firm’s CEO, told Sputnik on Thursday on the sidelines of the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF).

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Russia Grants New Tax Breaks for Corporate Bonds

The Russian Tax Code amendments aimed to expand Russian personal tax benefits currently available to interest income on deposits “and state bonds further to traded bonds of Russian corporates” issued from 2017 through 2020, said Alexander Sinitsyn, director, Tax&Legal, at Deloitte CIS.

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Bridging the digital gap: How tax fits into cryptocurrencies and blockchain development

The world is on the cusp of a major tax revolution as cryptocurrencies and online distributed ledger technologies, such as blockchain, push financial systems from the physical world to online.

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International Tax Review

Russia Considering VAT for Foreign Online Shops

Commenting on the draft law, announced March 14, Deloitte CIS partner Oleg Berezin said it “is in line with the actions listed” in the Russian Finance Ministry’s Basic Principles of the Tax Policy for 2017 -19.

The draft suggests that goods sold by foreign internet shops to Russia would be subject to VAT from 2018-2019—“foreign entities selling goods to Russian private customers would be required to obtain Russian tax registration and pay VAT themselves,” he said in a March 15 email to Bloomberg BNA.

“This initiative is in line with BEPS Action 1, ‘Addressing the Tax Challenges of the Digital Economy’ and the [European Union] developments in the area of internet trade,” Berezin said.

The planned measure could be similar to the one already introduced in Russia from Jan. 1, 2017, he said.

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Companies in Russia Face New Environmental Impact Reporting Requirements

Companies doing business in Russia face a paperwork deadline this week to declare how they would make “environmental impact payments” for any excessive pollutants they put into the air or water.

The main costs of payments for environmental impact in Russia in this instance will be borne by industrial enterprises, “Engaged in the production of chemical and metallurgical products, coke and petroleum products, rubber and plastic products, electricity”, Ivan Kukhnin, Head of Sustainable Services at Deloitte CIS, said in email of 7 March to Bloomberg BNA.

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