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SPIEF: "Traditional Type of Job Structure Is Coming Apart" – Deloitte CIS

Sputnik has discussed changes in the labour market, the impact of digitalisation of the economy on the labour market, and the value of employees with Ian Colebourne, CEO of Deloitte CIS. He also told Sputnik about the need to introduce lifelong learning as well as the impact of social institutions in the process of adapting people to a new digital reality.

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2019 promises to be a banner year for mergers and acquisitions, as companies seek to expand into new markets, acquire technology and talent, right-size their businesses, and diversify their products and services, among other goals. But reaping the full benefits of these transactions is no simple matter. Often burdened with legacy systems unable to keep pace with modern business objectives, companies may face a long and costly journey to attain their post-M&A goals.

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