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The Deloitte Academy

Trainings and workshops

The Deloitte Academy offers a dedicated learning facility for executives and specialists on various subjects, including internal audit, risk management, internal control, finance and accounting, and soft skills.

Corporate trainings

The Deloitte Academy specialises in corporate business trainings designed for specific customer needs.

The Academy’s corporate trainings are tailored to fit the firm’s specific needs in terms of industry topics, key business processes and terminology.

The courses are designed for professionals interested in acquiring hands-on learning experience through facilitated discussions, business games and simulations.

The Academy trainings are delivered by subject-matter experts who bring practical insights from real-world audit management and implementation of major transformation projects.

Details about training costs, structure and content can be obtained by filing a request through a feedback form.

Our principles

Long-term cooperation

The Deloitte Academy offers comprehensive solutions aimed at improving employees’ competencies across various business lines. The courses are organised based on the attendees’ level of knowledge, skills and competencies and allow for the continuous development of business skills while taking into account professional growth and job enlargement.

Innovative approach

The Academy applies up-to-date training methods and techniques, including business games, simulations, facilitated discussions and interactive visualisation. Current communication methods allow for customer requests to be promptly attended to and content to be provided in a convenient format (webinars, messengers, video files, etc.).


Each training session delivered by the Deloitte Academy contains elements from allied knowledge areas and is designed around industry specifics and best practices. The Academy offers post-training support aimed at assessing the results and incorporating changes in one’s current responsibilities.

Training topics

Risk management

In today’s economic environment, risk management is a key tool for making the right management decisions under uncertainty. Risk management competencies are critical for corporate executives to comply with regulatory risk management requirements.

The Deloitte Academy offers an effective blend of theory and practice for companies that are starting to implement risk management systems. The attendees will learn about the role of risk management in corporate governance and will gain access to key risk management tools.

Companies with matured risk management systems will benefit from the trainings on project risk management, implementation of key risk indicators and risk-oriented planning and budgeting systems.

These trainings are focused on developing practical skills through simulation of decision-making under uncertainty, implementation in the form of business games and simulation of events. 

Internal controls 

The Deloitte Academy trainings focus on internal control over the preparation of financial reporting (ICFR), operational business processes and compliance.

Basic training courses include theoretical and practical aspects of internal control and its role in corporate governance, and offer insights into Russian and foreign regulatory ICFR requirements.

Companies that plan to formalise their internal controls will benefit from the trainings on how to manage the implementation and development of internal controls based on subject-matter experts’ hands-on experience with major Russian companies.

The trainings focus on real business processes and built-in controls rather than on separate internal control elements.

These trainings are targeted both at business process owners in charge of internal controls and at internal auditors who assess the performance of such internal controls.

Internal audit

The key competencies of internal auditors include effective communication skills (both written and verbal), information processing and analytical skills as well as basic training in accounting, risk management and industry-specific business processes.

The heads of internal audit who are establishing the function “from scratch” or transforming it will benefit from the trainings that offer insights into a full function cycle, audit methodology and creation of a risk-oriented audit plan.

Internal audit specialists may choose from the trainings on the preparation and alignment of internal audit reports, compilation of risk-oriented audit schedules, use of analytical procedures and audit samples, internal audit communications, and internal auditors’ individual and collective performance.

Accounting and Finance

The trainings on reporting transformation and IFRS accounting, and financial analysis and key RAS and IFRS changes are delivered by highly experienced professionals and auditors.

Financial reporting is increasingly becoming a universal tool of communication between top managers and business owners, which increases the importance of strong financial literacy skills for the former. With that in mind, the Deloitte Academy has designed a module training “Finance for non-finance managers” that covers the basics of accounting/ management accounting, tax treatment principles, investment project evaluation and cash flow management.


Companies that adhere to the principles of social responsibility create a foundation for further successful business development. In today's reality, the usual models of company management, designed to receive immediate benefits, inevitably lead to the loss of customers, prospective employees, and investors. In order to effectively integrate sustainability into the company's business processes, a clear understanding of the goals and objectives of the concept by all participants in the process is necessary.

Deloitte Academy’s training materials are designed for employees whose responsibilities do not directly involve implementing social strategy and CSR initiatives. Trainings are specifically designed to help understand what the term "sustainability" means for a modern company, what the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals are and how they relate to the company's activities, and the operational work of individual departments. The trainings also examine various approaches to the publication of non-financial reporting, as well as methods for collecting, analyzing, and reporting information to stakeholders.

Soft skills

Soft skills trainings provide instruction on ways to form high-performance teams, provide feedback, and conduct interviews and presentations.

Industry-specific trainings

These trainings are aimed at specialists who are changing industries and employees of non-production units who wish to expand their knowledge of industry specifics.

The trainings cover issues relating to terminology, creation of added value, key production processes, tax and accounting fundamentals.

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