Deloitte CIS Research Center Offering


Deloitte CIS Research Center Offering

The Research Center places special focus on the comprehensive support of businesses that represent sectors with low information transparency, including the art industry in Russia.

The Deloitte CIS Research Center was founded in 2015 as part of the Business Development department.

We use bespoke data collection and analysis techniques that guarantee high quality of data and help us identify hidden trends and characteristics of the most diverse target audiences and business sectors.

We guarantee that the data obtained through our research project will remain relevant for two years, and we give clients an opportunity to quickly update/supplement the findings if necessary.

Our recommended methods for art-related research projects include:

  • Quantitative methods (online/CATI surveys, surveys in the targeted location, etc.)
  • Qualitative methods (in-depth interviews, focus groups, observation, mystery client exercises, etc.)
  • Neurotechnology (testing of emotional perceptions and moods)
  • Digital footprint research (sentiment, semantic and other user analysis methods based on social big data)
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Key contacts

Svetlana Meyer

Svetlana Meyer

Managing Partner, Tax & Legal

Svetlana is the Managing Partner at Deloitte CIS Tax & Legal and the leader of the Private Client Services practice. Svetlana’s team offers a full range of services, including the preparation of perso... More