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IFRS 9: Financial Instruments — high level summary

IFRS 9 Financial Instruments is the IASB’s replacement of IAS 39 Financial Instruments: Recognition and Measurement. The Standard includes requirements for recognition and measurement, impairment, derecognition and general hedge accounting...More

IFRS in your pocket


Welcome to the 2016 edition of IFRS in Your Pocket. It is the concise guide to all of the topics which have made this publication an annual, and indispensable, world‑wide favourite. At its core is a comprehensive summary of the current Standards and Interpretations along with details of the projects on the agendas of the IASB and the IFRS Interpretations Committee. Backing this up is all the information you need on the structure and workings of the IASB and additional analysis of the use of IFRS around the world. It is the ideal guide, update and refresher for everyone involved...More

IASB issues IFRS 16 – Leases

The new Standard provides a comprehensive model for the identification of lease arrangements and their treatment in the financial statements of both lessees and lessors. It supersedes IAS 17 Leases and its associated interpretative guidance. IFRS 16 applies a control model to the identification of leases, distinguishing between leases and service contracts on the basis of whether there is an identified asset controlled by the customer...More

IASB issues new Standard on revenue recognition

The Standard outlines a single comprehensive model for entities to use in accounting for revenue arising from contracts with customers. It supersedes current revenue recognition guidance including IAS 18 Revenue, IAS 11 Construction Contracts and related Interpretations...More

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