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Meet our People

Want to learn more about Deloitte?

Learn more about Deloitte Russia by getting to know our people, why they decided to join Deloitte and their life at Deloitte since joining!

Our people are the keystone of our business. Their skills and commitment are what makes our business what it is today. We’d like to introduce you to our people, from very different backgrounds, who will tell you more about their work and what motivated them to be a part of our success story.

Grigoriy Dubrovskiy

Senior Manager, Audit Department

I started at Deloitte as an intern during the summer student internship in 2006. The possibility to work in different industry groups of the audit department during the summer internship broadened my perspective and helped me to select the Technology, Media and Telecommunications group... more

Salavat Galimov

Director, Audit Department

I first became acquainted with Deloitte CIS in 2005, when representatives of the firm visited the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, where I was a student. These interesting and positive people completely changed my ideas about work as a whole... more

Emily Knightley

Senior Consultant, Internal Client Services

I applied for Deloitte in the UK while I was studying for my Masters in International Business. Deloitte really appealed to me because they were the No.1 professional services firm in the UK market and I was constantly reading about the successes of their management consultancy practice in the Financial Times... more

Ekaterina Surkova

Senior Manager, Internal Client Services

In 1998 I decided that it was time to leave consulting and do the ‘real thing’, so I joined a client organisation to work on a restructuring project. I was tempted back into professional services in 2001 by a friend who had joined Deloitte and recommended me for a position... more

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