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Moscow is calling! Are you ready to answer? 

Pass all selection stages in St. Petersburg and you will start working in the Moscow Audit department this autumn!

This summer you have a unique chance to begin a career in Moscow by attending all the selection stages for an entry position in the Audit department and potentially receiving an offer, without even leaving St. Petersburg. Furthermore, Deloitte will help you move!

Why should you begin an audit career in Moscow?

  1. Your career opportunities will be unlimited: some of the most successful companies in the world can be found in Moscow, which means you can expect to be working on the most interesting projects 
  2. Being in the capital allows you to build the large network of business contacts necessary for successful career growth 
  3. You can choose in which Audit department group you want to focus your professional growth:
    International Referral Group
        Financial Services
        Consumer and Industrial Products
        Technology, Media and Telecommunications
        Energy and Resources

Are you afraid of moving to a new city? We will help you:

  1. We will pay for your tickets, taxi transfer and luggage transport 
  2. We will pay for the first two weeks of your accommodation in Moscow
  3. We will help you find an apartment through reliable estate agents

Selection stages:

  1. Submission of an application through the website
  2. Test in the Deloitte St. Petersburg office (reasoning skills, English language and professional knowledge of accounting) 
  3. Interview with a Talent specialist in St. Petersburg 
  4. Online interview with managers 
  5. Offer of employment
  6. Transfer to Moscow in August, September or October

Find out what specialists from around the country have to say about working in Moscow:


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