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Career Advice Programme

Not so long ago, you went through the difficult process of selecting a university and a faculty. Some of you were guided by the advice of your parents, some chose a track based on their friends or followed in the footsteps of older siblings, while others, first and foremost, considered their future prospects and the demands of their chosen profession.

In just a few short years, you will need to make a decision about where to start building your career. Surely, each of you has thought about possible professions and your future vocation? We have developed an orientation programme on various professions that will help you decide on a future career!


Our programme is designed for students of all courses as well as those who have completed their degree no more than a year ago.
The programme will take place over three days during which you will be able to:

  • Take a test to determine your abilities, which will indicate your strengths;
  • Communicate with managers of different departments in order to understand the scope of your interests;
  • Learn about the general trends on the labour market in Russia and globally, and learn all about the opportunities for young professionals at Deloitte.

At the end of the programme, you will be able to identify those areas that best suit your interests and will maximise and fully disclose your abilities!

As a bonus for all participants: positive test results will be taken into account in our selection process and participants will not be obligated to repeat the tests.

Programme agenda

Day 1 Introductory lecture, a detailed schedule of the programmes and presentations of all functions.
Day 2 A full diagnosis of your abilities and the level of development of the skills required to work in consulting.
Day 3 The diagnostics results; you will receive feedback on what qualities you need to develop in order to become qualified to join  the group of your interest.


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For any questions, you can contact our group in Vkontakte or submit your questions via the feedback form on the site.