Consulting Case Adventure

Deloitte Strategy & Operations Consulting Simulation Game


Consulting Reality Surfing is a unique opportunity to prove yourself as a management consultant.

Student teams will solve business problems and face situations that can arise during real projects.

The game will simulate the key phases of the project life cycle, such as preparing a proposal, working at a client site, and presenting a solution.


What it offers

  • Opportunity to experience the work life of a management consultant.
  • Chance to demonstrate your creativity, analytical and organisational skills.
  • Possibility to receive individual feedback from Deloitte management consultants.
  • Prospect of securing an internship at Deloitte.
  • Networking with Deloitte consultants and other participants



Preliminary stage: conducting a pre-project study

Registered teams will prepare a commercial proposal based on a pre-project study of a certain banking area. Finalist teams will be selected based on the strength of the proposal.


Final stage: working at a simulated client site

The finalists will spend an entire day in the Deloitte Moscow office simulating a real-life consulting project. This will include conducting client interviews, collecting and analysing information, and presenting a solution.


Eligibility rules

To be eligible, a team should consist of three students from one or more universities located in Moscow. Team members must be in the 4th year of studies or higher, including Master’s and Doctoral degree students, or be 2015 graduates.







by 19 April

In order to sign up as a team, one of its members should register via the link:

If you do not have a team, you can find prospective team members in our VK group

No substitution of team members is allowed after registration.

Preliminary stage

20-25 April

Registered teams will receive the assignment via email on 20 April.

The participants must prepare the deliverable in MS Power Point in Russian and email it to us no later than 23:59 on 25 April.

Teams that do not meet this deadline will be disqualified!

The list of finalists will be posted in the Deloitte CIS official VK group  within two days after 25 April.

Final stage

27 April

The simulation will take place in the Deloitte Moscow office at Lesnaya Street, 5 on the 28th of April.

The finalists will receive an invitation with detailed information via email. Every team member must attend the entire simulation.