Deloitte Lab 

November - December 2017

Lectures and practical master classes in audit area, tax consultation, strategic and operational consulting

Deloitte in St. Petersburg will hold a number of practical master classes and lectures for students. Within this program participants will be able to feel as the auditor, the tax consultant, the specialist in transfer pricing, the business analyst. Each occupation will consist of an open lecture and a practical master class. At a lecture everyone, is invited to seminars — only 30 students who will undergo selection. 


Two formats of participation are possible: "probationer" and "listener". 

• "Probationers" will attend lectures, master classes, to perform individual and group homeworks. After the termination of the program all "probationers" will receive certificates on the termination Deloitte Lab, and the best will receive the offer on passing of a training or work in desirable department. To become "probationer", it is necessary to be the student of a third year above, to be registered according to the reference, to attach the summary and the motivational letter. Proceeding from the summary and the motivational letter we will select 30 "probationers".

• "Listeners" can come on only to open lectures. For this purpose it is necessary to be registered.