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Audit Lectures

5 Elements of Audit. Choose yours!

We prepare interactive presentations on audit for each of the five industries listed below, designed especially for 3rd, 4th and 5th year students. We hope the lectures will help you discover more about what audit is and what being an auditor involves by looking at audit both in theory and in practice.

Our experts will give presentations on audit in relation to the following industries:

1. Telecommunications, Media and Technology (TMT)

2. Energy & Resources (E&R)

3. Consumer Industrial Products (CIP)

4. Financial Service Institutions (FSI)

5. Enterprise Risk Services (ERS)

We will hold presentations on each topic twice a week so you can attend the event most convenient for you and have greater opportunities to talk to our partners and professionals.

March, 29 - April, 28

Tuesdays and Thursdays, at 18:30

Registration is closed!

Tax Lab

Another Step Opens New Experiences: AS ONE

Our Laboratory will give you an opportunity to learn about current trends and issues in taxation. It will also help to  develop your business communication skills, provide a simulation of real-world business problems for you to analyse and offer you the chance to become part of the Deloitte family.

We will teach you how to critically assess business strategies and  how to work effectively as one team - AS ONE - to achieve outstanding results.

Training will be based on teamwork and group exercises so that you become one team!

March, 16 - April, 13

Wednesdays, at 18:30

Registration is closed!