Track & trace systems


Track & trace systems

Deloitte employs an integrated approach to implementing track & trace systems and provides clients with a range of services at each stage of the implementation journey.

In 2020-21, the government is set to ban the import, production and sale of the following products if they lack track & trace codes:

Тег table
Табачная продукция Обувь и товары легкой промышленности Лекарственные препараты Молочная продукция вода


Shoes and consumer goods

Pharmaceutical products

Dairy products


Кресла-коляски и велосипеды Фотоаппараты Шины Духи

Wheelchairs and bicycles




In turn, the following categories of goods fall under document-based traceability:

Тег table
Холодильное и морозильное оборудование Строительные машины Стиральные и сушильные машины Мониторы и проекторы Детские коляски и кресла Интегральные схемы

Refrigerating and freezing equipment

Construction equipment

Washing and drying machines

Monitors and projectors

Baby strollers and car seats

Integrated circuits

The relevant legislation is scheduled to enter into force in 2020.


Before the implementation of the track & trace system, you should:

1. Analyse changes in your business processes and procedures for transferring data between the systems;

2. Ensure that all the necessary data on goods and transactions are ready for transfer and reporting;

3. Estimate the costs of equipment, IT solutions, and EDF and their integration into your current systems.


1. Advisory services for complex law issues
2. Assistance with setting up a working group on implementing organizational changes
3. Analysis of operating, financial, tax and customs risks, including development of a mitigation strategy
4. Review and renegotiation of contracts for track & trace and EDF processes in terms of contractual obligations
5. Employee workshops and training sessions on new regulations
Alexandra Kalinina
Alexandra Kalinina
T&T Group Leader
Elizabeth Livke
Elizabeth Livke
Document-based traceability leader
1. Analysis of existing and target business processes for handling track & trace coded goods
2. Track & trace implementation roadmap
3. Development and implementation of controls
4. Optimisation of track & trace master data management processes
5. Development and update of internal policies and procedures
6. Assistance with implementing legally-binding EDF
7. Assessment of results of new business processes and controls
Anna Klimova
EDF and business process in labelling
1. Analysis of existing IT systems involved in handling track & trace coded goods, including development of target IT architecture
2. Development of functional and technical requirements for track & trace solutions
3. Development of an assessment model for track & trace solutions; vendor selection
4. Implementation support via a PMO
5. Implementation of track & trace solutions
6. Implementation of quality assurance throughout the project cycle, including controls over compliance with business requirements
Pavel July
Head of T&T
technological integration group

Why Deloitte?

Тег table
Координация деятельности Слаженная кросс-фукциональная команда Обширный опыт реализации проектов

Coordination with the Labelling and Track & Trace System Working Group within the Association of European Businesses

A coherent cross-functional team of 25+ professionals specialising in business process design and optimisation, IT solution selection and implementation, and legal and customs issues

Extensive experience with track & trace implementations across industries

Прямой контакт с Минпромторгом России Отдельная отраслевая практика Успешный опыт взаимодействия

Communication with the state authorities and operators

A specialised practice with deep knowledge on implementing legally binding EDP

Successful cooperation with foreign offices and application of foreign best practices