Green Agenda


Green Agenda

Environmental sustainability

At Deloitte CIS we recognise that our operations have an impact on the environment. As a leading firm, we have a responsibility to ensure we use resources in a sustainable manner and that we provide the best advice to our clients on sustainability issues.

In order to fulfil our commitment to operational sustainability, we have launched a Green Agenda, which looks at ways to minimise our impact on the environment. Led by Consulting Partner Elena Lazko, our Green Agenda supports a number of activities, including our sponsorship of Green Week in Moscow, the Russian Congress of Environmental Protection and Russia's Green Agenda round table at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum.

Deloitte regularly advises public authorities of the Russian Federation on how to improve environmental legislation. Deloitte also plays an active role in specialised environmental organisations with state authorities of the Russian Federation and the Environmental Chamber of the Russian Federation.

Helping our clients go green

In recent years, environment management services have become an important service line for Deloitte CIS, allowing the firm to help save the environment.

We support the ecological initiatives of our clients from different industries around the world and offer them services to develop sustainability strategies and optimise operations to reduce the negative impact on the environment.

To learn more about environment management services please follow the link.

Participation in environmental professional associations

Deloitte CIS is actively involved in the creation and improvement of environmental regulations. Deloitte people share their international experience and provide expertise by participating in the following organisations:

  • Russian Ecological Chamber (
  • Working Group at the Chamber of Commerce of the Russian Federation on the best available technologies
  • Open Government’s Expert Council on environmental issues
  • Working Group of the Ministry of Economy on environmentally friendly procurement

Green days 2019

One of Deloitte’s aims is to increase its contribution to achieving the UN Sustainable Development goals. Part of Deloitte’s green agenda is our annual Green Days campaign, which ran in April 2019. Each of the seven days was dedicated to a specific environmental issue: endangered wildlife, climate change, fresh water scarcity, deforestation etc.

During Deloitte Green Days in 2019, our employees in Moscow helped with packing meals for Foodbank Rus Charity Foundation, visited a lecture by an IKEA representative on waste collection and management, and took part in the spring clean-up at the Moscow Botanical Garden. The initiative’s main goal was to raise awareness of environmental problems and help Deloitte employees develop eco-friendly habits.

Deloitte Green Days


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Сортировка продуктов для Фонда продовольствия «Русь»
Сортировка продуктов для Фонда продовольствия «Русь»
Сортировка продуктов для Фонда продовольствия «Русь»
Сортировка продуктов для Фонда продовольствия «Русь»
Сортировка продуктов для Фонда продовольствия «Русь»
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