Impact Day 2019

On 18 November 2019, we held yet another successful IMPACT Day.

IMPACT Day is just one way we serve our communities—by providing pro bono professional services, sharing knowledge, and taking part in traditional volunteering activities. The initiative gives Deloitte professionals the chance to give back to society using their unique skills and talents.

IMPACT Day furthers Deloitte’s global corporate responsibility strategy through a wide variety of projects, some of which require specific skill sets while others involve traditional volunteering and pro-bono work.

During the event, which took place on 18 November, Deloitte people took part in volunteering activities and pro-bono work.  This year, IMPACT Day was held not only in Moscow, but also in Ufa, Yekaterinburg, Vladivostok and Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk. It was also supported by the Deloitte office in Yerevan.  Going forward, we plan to expand the event to other cities throughout the CIS.

For IMPACT Day 2019, Deloitte people participated in around 50 different activities, all of which had a significant positive impact on society and made the world a better place.

IMPACT Day activities

The initiative covered a wide range of interests and included the following types of activities:

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  • Pro-bono professional services

    These included risk assessments for charitable foundations, translations of texts and policies for non-profits, consultations on ratings, and other free services.

  • Volunteering activities requiring specific skill sets

    Employees organized various training sessions on topics such as event planning (Making Impactful Events), teamwork (Business Chemistry) for non-profit workers, and workshops on fund-raising and personal data legislation.

  • Traditional volunteering activities

    Volunteers cleaned up a hospice and the botanical garden’s orangery, helped out at an animal shelter, and visited retirement homes.

  • Raising awareness

    We organized an immersive, quest-style training sessions on disability that gave participants a better understanding of the hardships faced every day by differently abled people. Employees also had the chance to participate in a cartographic marathon in which they digitized satellite maps of a developing region.

Deloitte Impact Day

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