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Welcome to the latest issues of Deloitte’s 'Mining Voice' newsletter

In a rapidly changing global economy, the energy and resources industry faces unprecedented challenges as it undergoes dramatic change. Canadian mining companies are not immune to these challenges. These challenges include the run-up in base metal prices, environmental concerns, industry consolidation and managing the impact of the exchange rate. With the increasingly complex environment facing the mining industry, Deloitte Canada will be issuing a new quarterly mining newsletter Deloitte’s 'Mining Voice' to share valuable insights on the topics relevant to mining companies.

Mining Voice - Volume 3 | February 2013

In this issue we look at team effectiveness and how mining companies can incorporate programs that produce well-aligned, cohesive, and successful teams. Under export controls, we consider how managing export compliance can minimize risk, improve performance, and reduce costs.

We also feature the 2013 edition of our annual Tracking the Trends report, which reviews the top 10 challenges mining companies will face this year and provides solutions to those challenges.
We hope you share this newsletter with colleagues and other decision-making professionals in the mining industry. And if you have any questions, comments or other feedback, feel free to contact any of our contributors. We look forward to hearing from you.

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Mining Voice - Volume 2 | November 2012

In this issue we look at sustainability and climate change; innovation; and a change in the Quebec tax regime?

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Mining Voice - Volume 1 | June 2012

In this issue we look at recent changes in the tax environment in the mining industry, and tax filings in a currency other than the Canadian dollar.

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