Efficiency improvement and cost reduction. Approaches and methodology.


Efficiency improvement and cost reduction

Approaches and methodology

Irina Demicheva’s presentation at the 11th Russian Mining and Exploration Forum - MINEX Russia 2015

We believe that efficiency improvement strategies must be tailored for each company. The right strategy allows a company to achieve the necessary balance between long-term initiatives and quick wins.

Our projects start with a common set of hypotheses and end with a concrete set of measures for efficiency improvement that are included in the integrated implementation plan.

Irina Demicheva, senior manager in the Strategy and Operations group at Deloitte, shed light on these issues and many others in her presentation during the session entitled “Improving Efficiency and Reducing Costs for Companies in the Mining Sector”.  

Irina pays special attention to efficiency improvements for large capital projects, as a wide array of factors affecting the success of such projects must be taken into account.

Our recommendations for improved efficiency depend significantly on the stage of the project, ideally focusing on the preparatory stages. Irina covers certain issues associated with setting goals and the possibility of changing these goals in response to changing external conditions, and concludes with examples from our practice illustrating factors that inhibit the efficiency of enterprises.    

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