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Transfer Pricing | Energy and Resources | 5th edition

We are pleased to announce that International Tax Review, a leading industry publication and the principle source of information for tax specialists across the field, has published the fifth edition of the Transfer Pricing Guide for Energy & Resources sector in collaboration with Deloitte. The volume contains an article by experts from Deloitte CIS, Russia’s application of the Comparable Uncontrolled Price (CUP) Method... More

Renewables (em)power smart cities

Wind and solar energy best enable the goals of people-centered smart cities

As cities expand, so does their energy use. And as cities strive to become “smart,” renewable solar and wind power can play a crucial role in helping them achieve their goals... More

Psychological barriers to the elevated future of mobility

Are consumers ready to take to the skies?

This report reveals some steps that stakeholders can take to transform consumer percep­tions and eventually make taking to the sky a part of commuters’ and travelers’ daily lives... More

The Industry 4.0 paradox: Overcoming disconnects on the path to digital transformation

Preparing for digital transformation? Deloitte’s latest survey reveals five key states of play

As organizations embark on a digital transformation journey, they should consider multiple questions to help narrow their choices: what to transform; where to invest; and which technologies can be a best-fit for their strategic needs. Industry 4.0 expands the digital transformation opportunities and drives more flexible, responsive, and interconnected enterprises capable of making further informed decisions.... More

Navigating the future of work

What images does “the future of work” conjure up for you? In his 1930 essay, Economic possibilities for our grandchildren, John Maynard Keynes foretold a future of “technological unemployment” and 15-hour workweeks. We’ve long since given up on early 20th-century utopian visions of a leisure society in which machines do almost everything for us. But there’s no question that what we actually do these days is changing fast, and will continue to change.


The chemical multiverse 4.0

Oil & Gas, Energy & Resources, Mining

Legislative Update 2016

We are pleased to present Legislative Update 2016 for Oil & Gas, Energy & Resources, and Mining. In this update, we have highlighted the most important changes in Russian tax legislation and the key economic trends in these industries...More

Рынок СПГ: отраслевые тенденции

Global Human Capital Trends 2016: The Energy & Resources edition

The new organization: Different by design

This fourth annual survey of over 7000 human resource and business leaders globally, ranks the top 10 trends and companies readiness to respond to them. This report provides a summary of the human capital trends and priorities driving human resource decisions specifically in the Energy & Resources (E&R) industry...More

Global Human Capital Trends 2016: The Energy & Resources edition

Financial statements. How do you do it?

Metals and Mining, Energy, Oil and Gas, Fertilisers

This year we are once again coming out with the results of the survey on the financial reporting process. This is the fourth consecutive year that we are conducting this survey. As usual, the purpose of the survey is to review the existing financial reporting practices in Russian companies. The data we have collected will help our readers to compare their financial reporting processes with the existing practices of their peers...More


Financial statements. How do you do it?

Global Human Capital Trends 2015

Energy and Resources report

Today’s global organizations must navigate a “new world of work” that has turned traditional approaches and assumptions about talent management upside down. In this new world of work with hyper-connected employees, global transparency in the job market, changes in the demographics with millennials soon to be making up 50% of the workforce and cognitive technologies that are reengineering work, human resources organizations will have to reskill, be bold and innovative...More

Practical Tax Issues Arising in the Course of Russian Arctic Shelf Projects

Article by Andrei Panin Andrey Panin, Partner, Tax & Legal, Deloitte CIS, was published on the website of the Russian independent information-analytical network edition PRO-ARCTIC, dedicated to responsible and the rational development of resources in the Russian Arctic...Далее

Practical Tax Issues Arising in the Course of Russian Arctic Shelf Projects

Crisis management

Focus on: Keeping energy and resources flowing
Energy and resources are the lifeblood of society. When that flow is threatened or disrupted by crisis, the effects can ripple into economies, cultures, and livelihoods...More

Who goes there: friend or foe?

Gas, Russia and the Middle East
In the series Middle East POV: transcending boundaries, Ken McKellar, Middle East Energy & Resources Leader, contributes Who goes there: friend or foe? Gas, Russia and the Middle East pointing to the difficulties the two energy powers have in forging a strong partnership despite complementary aspects of their respective gas businesses. Russia and the Middle East both supply gas to Europe and to Asia...More

Risk Intelligence in the Energy & Resources Industry

Enterprise Risk Management Benchmark Survey Report

In the summer of 2013, Deloitte launched a second edition of the Energy and Resources ERM Benchmark Survey. The main objective was to assess the overall maturity level of energy and resources companies’ ERM and risk management activities, and to help identify new challenges, critical issues and risks they may be facing today and in the future...More

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