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Electric Power

Change is in the air

The elevated future of mobility: What’s next on the horizon?

Hybrid-electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) vehicles have the power to transform the air traffic ecosystem. Learn about the challenges aerial transport faces and how companies can take advantage of new opportunities... More

Renewables (em)power smart cities

Wind and solar energy best enable the goals of people-centered smart cities

As cities expand, so does their energy use. And as cities strive to become “smart,” renewable solar and wind power can play a crucial role in helping them achieve their goals.... More

Global energy storage

Digitization and market innovation accelerate battery storage deployment

Battery storage is having its moment. In addition to flexibility and rapidly falling prices, advances in digital technologies such as artificial intelligence, blockchain, and predictive analytics are spurring innovative storage business models that were nearly inconceivable a few years ago. This paper—from our Center for Energy Solutions—addresses these and other key drivers that are transforming the global energy storage market, as well as challenges to overcome... More

Global renewable energy trends

Solar and wind move from mainstream to preferred

Several market trends are driving renewable energy to become a mainstream energy form and a preferred source. Three “key enablers” propelling this upshot and empowering solar and wind to compete with conventional sources equally are—parity, integration, and technology. This implies that solar and wind can now beat conventional sources on price while matching their performance; their integration can help solve grid problems; and they are seizing leading technologies to get ahead of conventional sources... More

Tech Trends 2017 and the power industry

Disrupting the utility

Deloitte’s annual flagship report, Tech Trends 2017 continues to identify the key trends that will likely revolutionize enterprise technology in the next 18-24 months. This spin-off report talks about how the trends presented in Tech Trends 2017 are likely to impact the power and utilities industry...More

Tech Trends 2017 and the power industry

Alternative thinking 2016

Five game-changers powering the future of renewable energy

In the three years since we last published an edition of Alternative thinking much has occurred in the world of energy—so much, that the landscape itself has visibly changed...More


Energy efficiency in Europe

Energy efficiency in Europe

The levers to deliver the potential

Energy is at the heart of the European economy; the EU consumes 11% of global energy, importing more than 50% at a cost of more than EUR 400 billion per year. Energy efficiency could cut this dependence and this cost, but is not delivering on its promise...More

Energy efficiency in Europe

The top trends in the global water sector

Water Tight 2.0

The central theme of this edition is innovation; exploring new ways to tackle supply-side, demand-side, regulatory or business-related challenges. All of the themes discussed in this report are closely connected (for example, it is impossible to talk about operational efficiency without considering the opportunities that data analytics offer in this area) and have been developed in consultation with senior practitioners from Deloitte member firms around the world...More

Water Tight 2.0

Trends to watch in alternative energy

Firmly entrenched in the mainstream, alternative energy’s momentum accelerates
In recent years, there has been much discussion of alternative energy moving into the mainstream. While it hasn’t yet shed the “alternative” label, alternative energy’s shift to the mainstream is largely complete and likely irreversible...More
Тенденции развития сектора альтерна­тивной энергетики

The edge of tomorrow

Deloitte Netherlands’ showplace hailed as the world's greenest office building

The Edge, Deloitte Netherlands’ Amsterdam location, is a model of sustainability. It’s also one of the smartest office buildings in existence, making it a popular place for professionals—and would-be employees...More

The edge of tomorrow

The future of the global power sector

Preparing for emerging opportunities and threats

Although no single vision exists for the way the global power sector will evolve in the future, one truth is clear: the industry sits on the cusp of massive change. The way power companies respond will depend on where they operate, their regulatory environment, the structure of their portfolio of assets, evolving customer demands, their economic maturity and the level of technology adoption they require...More

Energy market reform in Europe

European energy and climate policies: achievements and challenges to 2020 and beyond

For more than 20 years, the European Union has consistently been at the forefront of global action to combat climate change. It has developed ambitious energy and climate policies, including the target of reducing its greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) by 80% by 2050...More


Alternative thinking 2013

Renewable energy under the microscope

Deloitte's renewable energy group launches its 2013 issue of Alternative thinking. The objective of this report is to identify for developers, investors and policy-makers a few of the more important current trends and opportunities in renewable energy, point out where significant barriers to progress lie, and suggest strategies for dealing with them...More

Analyses on wind and solar PV assets

April 2014

Deloitte Denmark’s Renewable Energy team updates their studies on market valuation of wind and solar PV assets. In addition to these studies is a paper that describes the key elements in a best practice business case analysis on wind power. The paper contains examples and benchmarks from more than 80 operating wind farms, 40 international market studies on wind farm economics as well as on our extensive experience from acting as financial advisor in more than 30 wind projects...More

Implementing Dynamic Pricing

Meter Configuration Trade-offs

Exploring the technical and business case impacts of selecting different types of Smart Grid meter hardware. Utilities choosing to implement Smart Grid solutions have many business and technical options which can lead to improved operational and asset efficiencies and enablement of demand management programs...More

Deloitte and Oracle Expand Services to Help Power & Utilities Sector Drive Value with Advanced Analytics

Deloitte has expanded its work with Oracle in the field of Utilities Advanced Analytics. As a leader in business transformation and technology services to the power and utilities sector, Deloitte will team with Oracle's Utilities Advanced Analytics to transform big data into compelling and actionable insights...More



Risk Intelligence in the Energy & Resources Industry

Enterprise Risk Management Benchmark Survey Report

In the summer of 2013, Deloitte launched a second edition of the Energy and Resources ERM Benchmark Survey. The main objective was to assess the overall maturity level of energy and resources companies’ ERM and risk management activities, and to help identify new challenges, critical issues and risks they may be facing today and in the future...More

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