Countering corporate fraud


Countering corporate fraud

Survey findings

Corporate fraud has historically been a cardinal threat to any company doing business in the CIS countries, which it remains to this day, from the standpoint of both financial and reputational risks.

But, that said, how can one understand precisely which companies are most susceptible to this threat? What is the correct way to assess potential fraud-related losses? And, most importantly, how can companies most effectively fight the baneful threat of fraud?

Deloitte Forensic conducted this survey-based study for the express purpose of shedding light on these questions and a host of other issues that CIS-based businesses affected by fraud, in its various forms, had to face in the period covered by the survey: 2019–2020. 

The findings presented in this survey report provide answers to such questions as: Which business processes are most susceptible to fraud? What anti-fraud measures do companies typically take? How has corporate fraud evolved during the COVID-19 pandemic? Who do companies generally put in charge of mitigating fraud risks? We have also highlighted how corporate fraud affects financial losses, with a special focus on our expert review of tools that can help companies to spot fraud risks and root them out.

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