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Deloitte Point of View

A series of podcasts brought to you by the Forensic and Anti-Fraud Team at Deloitte CIS

Deloitte Point of View is a series of podcasts touching on the most pressing issues in business today. Deloitte’s experts and guests discuss the greatest challenges faced by the business community and their possible solutions, as well as common mistakes and best practices for running a business.

All podcasts listed on this page were recorded in Russian.

Compliance Today. Agricultural Sector

The COVID-19 pandemic poses a challenge to agricultural businesses by creating new risks, forcing them to adapt quickly and revisit their priorities. In this episode of Compliance Today, Yuliya Izvekova, Head of Legal at Lactalis Russia, and Natalia Gordienko, Director of Forensic at Deloitte CIS, talk about how and why companies should develop a risk map and why compliance is like steering a ship.

Forensic 2020: Minimizing Risks to Your Business

In this episode of Deloitte Point of View, Ludmila Grechanik, Partner at Deloitte CIS Forensic, talks about how the current crisis is creating unprecedented fraud risks as companies increasingly embrace remote work. You will learn why employees engage in fraud and what businesses can do to mitigate risks during the transition period.

Compliance Today. Oil, Gas, and Petrochemical Industries

Regular legislative changes, the abrupt shift to remote work, and the phased return to the office have forced compliance officers to rethink how they operate. Here you can find out more about how to move scheduled audits online while making them more efficient, and how to boost employees’ knowledge when working remotely, all while saving time and money.

Lie to me. How businesses are catching “new era” fraudsters

How can we understand the psychology behind unethical behavior and tell when someone is lying by reading their face? Why are business owners less and less willing to forgive violations? How can executives be made to realize that cost saving on compliance in difficult times is a bad idea? Alina Sokolova, Partner at Deloitte CIS Forensic, addresses these questions in a new episode of Deloitte Point of View.

Compliance Today. Home Appliance Industry.

Ksenia Neboga, Senior Forensic Manager at Deloitte CIS, and Maxim Mikhaylov, Head of Legal at Whirlpool Russia, discuss compliance culture, a new subscription-based model for home appliances, and current and anticipated compliance trends.

Compliance Today. Financial Sector.

ВIn the second episode of our series of interviews with compliance officers, we talk with Irina Grekova, Managing Director for Compliance and Business Ethics at the Moscow Exchange. Our host Ksenia Neboga, Senior Manager of #DeloitteForensic, along with her guest, discuss the financial sector’s readiness to act on the changes that have been occurring in recent months, new fraud schemes, and ways to minimize business risks.

Compliance Today. Restaurant Industry

As COVID-19 continues to change the world as we know it, compliance functions are feeling the pressure to adapt to the new normal. We are launching a new series where Deloitte’s forensic practitioners will be interviewing compliance leaders at major food service businesses. In the first episode, Ksenia Neboga, Senior Forensic Manager at Deloitte CIS, talks with Kirill Farbmann, Compliance Director for Europe and the CIS at McDonald’s. The host and her guest exchange their views on how the industry is being transformed and what compliance leaders can do to meet disruptions head-on.

Doing Business in a Post-COVID-19 World: Embracing the New Normal

Alexander Sokolov, Managing Partner of the Financial Advisory practice at Deloitte CIS, explains the ‘new normal’ of doing business. How is the current crisis different from the previous one? What are the pros and cons of working from home for employees and businesses? Which industries were better prepared for the disruption? Which products and services will be in demand in the nearest future? Listen to this podcast to find out.

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