Business Intelligence Services (BIS)


Business Intelligence Services (BIS)

The BIS team at Deloitte CIS Forensic assists in the process of identifying, gathering, and assessing critical information on the potential risks involved in working with third parties, including suppliers, customers, business partners and employees.

If you are considering or in the process of:

  • acquiring an asset or entire company;
  • choosing a new business partner;
  • establishing a joint venture;
  • hiring a senior executive;
  • entering a new market; or
  • going to court,

the BIS professionals at Deloitte CIS Forensic can help you to map out and mitigate potential risks using our broad research experience and proven analytical capabilities covering various jurisdictions.


We offer clients a full range of services, including:  

1. Integrity Due Diligence (IDD)

The IDD process entails conducting detailed profiling of the target legal entity (e.g. a JV partner, acquisition target, or counterparty) and its principals, as well as identifying such “red flags” as opaque shareholder structures, non-arm’s length relationships with public officials and politically exposed persons (PEPs), conflicts of interest, and corruption risks, among other critical issues.

2. Pre-employment background checks

Such checks involve thorough vetting of job candidates, including verifying their educational and professional credentials, validating key career milestones, and analyzing their media and regulatory profiles.

3. Asset tracing

This process entails identifying and locating assets owned by target entities and/or individuals in jurisdictions worldwide, utilizing an array of specialized electronic tools.

4. Litigation support

Litigation support entails investigating the backgrounds of the parties to a lawsuit or legal dispute and supporting the client’s legal team with relevant facts and details.

5. Business Intelligence for forensic investigations

This service involves performing in-depth background investigations into the activities of parties suspected of fraud or other malfeasance, as well as identifying conflicts of interest, undisclosed business affiliations, and other potential signs of wrongdoing.

6. Training and advisory services

Our experienced Business Intelligence Services professionals can conduct training sessions for your Know-Your-Customer (KYC) staff, as well as perform an audit of your corporate counterparty risk assessment policies and procedures and advise you on measures for strengthening them to bring them in line with international best practices.

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Key contacts

Evgeny Uspensky

Evgeny Uspensky

Senior Manager, Forensic and Disputes Services

Evgeny joined Deloitte CIS Forensic in June 2017 after spending more than six years at a leading global risk management consultancy headquartered in London. Evgeny heads the Moscow-based corporate int... More