Data Analytics (DA)


Data Analytics (DA)

In Data Analytics (DA), advanced methods for conducting investigations and internal audits and analyzing business processes are augmented by processing of large volumes of data obtained from various sources (SAP, 1C, Ariba, official tender results, bank statements, counterparty registration data, contracts, GPS data, system user activity information, etc.), requiring an integrated, multi-factor analytical approach, including using machine learning methods.

Deloitte Forensic offers in-depth analysis of available data for a single business process, or multiple business processes, and automated analysis of large data sets in order to identify cases of possible fraud and abuse, or inefficiencies in existing approaches, as well as bottlenecks and hidden patterns.

How do we do it?

  • Study the given business process and determine the relevant sources of information (by on-site visits to the client’s office or remotely)
  • Compile an exhaustive list of possible tests (over 40), including both traditional and specially adapted tests tailored to the needs of a specific industry, process or client
  • Formulate a single, interconnected diagram of the data obtained
  • Perform data analysis and visualization of results
  • Carry out preliminary processing of the results with the involvement of Deloitte Forensic’s financial investigative specialists and provide a list of potential abuses

Our DA services have proven their effectiveness in analyzing the following business processes:

  • Purchasing
  • Sales
  • Inventory and stock-keeping
  • Employee compensation (salary, bonuses) and outsourcing
  • Logistics

Webinar “Data analytics as an effective tool for detecting fraud and shortcomings in business processes”

Key contacts

Alexey Ivlev

Alexey Ivlev

Director, Analytics and Forensic Technology

Alexey joined Deloitte in 2014 and heads the Analytic and Forensic Technology practice. He holds a Master's Degree in Information Security and has more than 12 years experience with international cons... More