Restructuring Services


Restructuring Services - Business and Liquidity Reviews

We work with financial stakeholders to conduct a review of a borrowers liquidity and cash flow forecasts to understand and analyse the drivers of cash flow, such as trading performance, working capital, restructuring costs or provision payments.

We can help lenders take a view as to whether a business plan provides a reasonable basis to determine the debt capacity and make lending decisions. Amongst other indicators, we examine intra month peak requirements, vulnerabilities and potential upsides and conduct high level ‘stress tests’ and detailed analysis of a borrower’s business plan.. We’ll provide lenders with an independent view on a borrower’s liquidity and short term ability to continue operating normally, allowing time for the lenders to consider their options.

Restructuring and Turnaround of Troubled Assets

Our team specializes in working with companies experiencing financial hardship: we help stakeholders determine the true condition of their troubled assets and create the best possible resolution strategy. We can organize the entire asset resolution cycle or help your company with individual stages:

  1. Quick assessment of a troubled asset’s condition and root-cause analysis
  2. Help creating a turnaround plan
  3. Practical support implementing the plan
  4. Assistance negotiating with creditors during debt restructuring
  5. Support attracting new sources of funding

We have been working on restructuring and turnaround projects for over 10 years now, during which time we have successfully completed over 50 major projects in Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, and other countries. Our clients include both financial institutions dealing with non-payment problems and borrowers who wish to manage their indebtedness or seek out new sources of financing. We also work with management companies and investment funds, helping them assess the prospects of their subsidiaries, as well as projects whose financial results do not meet the expectations of shareholders.

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Key contacts

Andrei Nagurnyi

Andrei Nagurnyi

Partner, Financial Advisory

Led dozens landmark restructuring engagements in Russia, Kazakhstan and other CIS countries, as well some large business turnaround projects in the UK. Andrei is also a visiting Professor at the Russi... More

Petr Dmitrenko

Petr Dmitrenko

Director, Financial Advisory

Petr has over 15 years’ experience in financial advisory, and participated in many engagements, including debt restructuring, preparation of financial recovery plans for distressed businesses, busines... More