Противодействие легализации/отмыванию доходов, полученных преступным путем, и финансированию терроризма (ПОД/ФТ)


Identifying theft in production

We help our clients to identify, block and root out any existing illicit schemes involving theft and pilferage in production processes and warehousing facilities, as well as prevent new theft/pilferage schemes from taking root.

In carrying out our work, we focus on the main risk areas and vulnerable procedures, including:

  • Compiling a reliable material balance for verification of data from management, accounting and production systems
  • Implementing balance-based experiments (24/7 production and technology compliance monitoring) to determine the reliability of production systems
  • Verifying the methodology and reliability of technical production reports
  • Analyzing data related to production losses and defect volumes (including analyzing standards and norms)
  • Analyzing perimeter protection measures and logistics controls


As a result, we draw up and provide a detailed roadmap of measures that the company should implement in order to block existing and potential theft scenarios.


Outside experts: We can bring in relevant industrial experts (former executives and employees of companies in similar industries) in complete confidentiality to ensure the depth, relevance and veracity of our analysis.

Key contacts

Pavel Rykalin

Pavel Rykalin

Partner, Forensic

Pavel has over twelve years’ experience managing fraud investigations, handling fraud risk management engagements, and conducting internal audits. He leads the service line dedicated to identifying th... More