Выявление злоупотреблений в рамках сделок по ценным бумагам и рынку Forex


Detection of fraud in securities and forex transactions 

Organizations that are participants in securities and forex markets are exposed to significant risks of fraud and abuse by their own traders, in particular financial, regulatory and reputational risks

We have developed a new solution titled Securities & Forex Trading Analytics (SFTA), which is based on conducting retrospective analyses of stock quotes and recognizing stock trading patterns, namely:

  • Identifying recurring major deviations from market prices based on comparative analysis
  • Performing trend analysis to identify recurring patterns that indirectly affect stock trading returns

Among the categories of fraud that we have identified, the following stand out:

  • Overpricing features regular transactions with assets at prices that deviate from market levels. A large volume of such detected deviations may indicate malicious behavior by individual clients or a securities broker-dealer’s own traders.
  • Using insider (undisclosed) information features abnormal trading patterns that potentially indicate a) attempts by a rogue trader to obtain personal gains by trading based on undisclosed client information; or b) the use of a bank’s funds to effect changes in the prices of specific market instruments in the interests of the trader (so-called "front running").
  • Price level management involves coordinated actions by a group of rogue traders aimed at shifting prices of market instruments to levels that will result in mass triggering of stop loss orders (so-called "stop loss triggering”).
  • Mimicking high liquidity involves numerous buy and sell transactions for a low-liquidity or illiquid asset aimed at simulating increased demand (“fictitious trading” or “wash trading”).


Alexey Ivlev

Alexey Ivlev

Director, Analytics and Forensic Technology

Alexey joined Deloitte in 2014 and heads the Analytic and Forensic Technology practice. He holds a Master's Degree in Information Security and has more than 12 years experience with international cons... More