Companies that grant pensions and/or social benefits to their employees (IAS 19)


IAS 19

Actuarial services for companies that grant pensions and/or social benefits to their employees

Accurate measurement of long-term retirement and social liabilities is essential for a company to be able to discharge its obligations to employees and retirees.

  • High-quality audit support including support in assessing the company’s liabilities and costs
  • Conducting independent audit reviews


  • Actuarial support including valuations of sales targets and preparation of due diligence reports
  • Support to both buyers and sellers
  • Projection of the value of liabilities and costs based on different scenarios of the company’s activity and actuarial assumptions
  • Post M&A-related services

Mergers and acquisitions

  • Analysis of the data required to establish actuarial assumptions in existing data sources; support in statistics gathering and analysis
  • Assessment and selection of actuarial assumptions to measure obligations such as demographic assumptions (survival rates, turnover rates), financial assumptions (discount rate, indexation rate), etc.
  • Mortality investigation analysis of the company’s demographic experience and forecast based on internal and external statistics, gap valuation
  • Benchmarking of actuarial assumptions against the market
  • Gap analysis of the company’s liabilities related to the differences between applied actuarial assumptions and the company’s experience

Actuarial assumptions

  • Valuation of obligations for long-term benefit programmes, post-employment benefit programmes and corresponding costs in accordance with the requirements of IAS 19
  • Assessment of the impact of company restructuring and of the introduction of benefit changes on employee benefit obligations
  • Sensitivity analysis of each significant actuarial assumption, showing how the benefit obligations would have been affected by changes to the relevant actuarial assumptions
  • Disclosure development
  • Preparation of actuarial reports

Actuarial estimation of benefits

  • Development of remuneration and benefit strategy, including assessment of their competitiveness compared with the market

Benefit strategy

  • Analysis of risks faced by the company in relation to benefit and pension programmes
  • Assistance in selecting the most effective approaches to managing these risks

Risk management

  • Training for the company’s actuarial staff on the application of best practices in pricing; valuation of obligations
  • Seminars on new regulations and hot topics such as actuarial risk-management, modelling, IFRS, solvency and local standards of CIS countries
  • Secondment of members of our team to work with the company’s personnel on current projects

Training and seminars

Key contact

Evgeniya Lugovtsova

Evgeniya Lugovtsova

Director, Actuary

Evgeniya works in Deloitte starting from 2010. She is a Director in Actuarial services group, Audit department of Deloitte CIS.  Evgeniya specializes in modelling and measuring the probability and ris... More