A power and utilities perspective: Human capital trends


A power and utilities perspective: Human capital trends

Powering change in the utilities industry

Our annual 2018 Global Human Capital Trends report showcases a profound shift facing leaders worldwide, the rapid rise of what we call the social enterprise. What does this mean for human capital in power and utilities organizations? Rapid changes in the utilities industry are causing shifts in identifying, hiring, and retaining highly technical and skilled short-term labor to augment full-time staff.


This year’s global survey delivers insights from more than 11,000 business and human resource leaders across 124 countries—our largest survey to date.

For power and utilities organizations, the key topics are:

  • The workforce ecosystem: Managing beyond the enterprise
  • Citizenship and social impact: Society holds the mirror
  • The longevity dividend: Work in an era of 100-year lives

For more information on each trend, including specific examples of power and utilities organizations putting the trends into action, download the full report.

Power & utilities: Human capital trends
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