Deloitte CIS Chinese Services Group


Deloitte CIS Chinese Services Group

Our CIS Chinese Services Group specialists are part of the global Deloitte Chinese Services Group. This enables us to exchange information and experience with our colleagues, not only in China, but also in other countries where Chinese businesses invest.

We understand the demands of our clients that invest in Russia and other CIS countries or are in the process of expanding their business in this region, and at the same time we take the specifics of Chinese business into consideration.

In particular, in order to successfully develop and support business in Russia and the CIS, we provide the following services to our Chinese clients:

  • Market analysis, development of a market entry strategy, selection of an appropriate region for the construction of manufacturing facilities or registration of a joint venture;
  • Financial, legal and tax due diligence of potential investees and assistance with mergers and acquisitions, including structuring such transactions in terms of tax and legal feasibility;
  • Forensic services with regard to Russian potential partners or investees;
  • Assistance in negotiations with regional and local authorities on the terms and conditions of investments, including tax incentives and other preferences;
  • Analysis of specific transactions/agreements with regard to their tax and legal risks;
  • Keeping accounting records, preparation of accounting statements and tax returns, or, if a company has its own specialists in this field, reviewing these documents to ensure their accuracy and timely submission to the tax authorities.

Our specialists are ready to help you if you need our assistance when entering the Russian and CIS markets or expanding your business in the region.


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Deloitte in cooperation with the Russian Embassy and the Trade Mission of the Russian Federation in China held the third round of the Investment Roadshow for participants from Russian regions

Moscow—Beijing, 15 February 2017. On 15 February 2017, Deloitte CIS held the third roadshow in Beijing to present the investment projects of Russian regions. The total investments under the projects amounted to USD 8 billion.

The event was aimed at developing Russian-Chinese investment cooperation in the largest sectors of the economy. This year the participants considered agricultural and infrastructure projects that could be implemented as part of the transportation corridor of the One Belt–One Way initiative.

Press Release

Tax incentives in Far Eastern Russia. Investor Perspective

On 30 September 2013 a law was introduced in the Russian Federation providing profits tax and mineral resources extraction tax incentives to investors in certain regions of Far Eastern Russia and Siberia. These incentives came into effect from 1 January 2014 and are likely to make Far Eastern Russia an extremely attractive region for manufacturers...More