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Over the last decade, with the increasing globalisation of Korean business, as Korean corporations have expanded their operations into Russia and the CIS they have faced a range of challenges and issues in conducting business largely due to the language barrier and cultural differences.

To resolve these issues and support our Korean clients, we established our Korean Services Group in Moscow from where we cover both Russia and the CIS. We provide a full range of professional services to our Korean clients, from audit and tax to business consulting.

For our Russia-based clients, the Korean Services Group (KSG) we work closely not just with the Deloitte team in Korea, but all of the other Korean Service Groups around the world. Please contact us with any issues and questions related to doing business across borders between Korea, Russia and the CIS.

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Yulia Orlova

Yulia Orlova

Partner, Tax & Legal

Yulia is a tax and legal partner at Deloitte CIS, leading the Manufacturing Industry Group, the Chemical Industry Group and the Japanese Service Group. Yulia joined Deloitte in 2002 from the Moscow Di... More

SooJeong Kim

SooJeong Kim


SooJeong is a Korean Desk Manager in the Moscow office of Deloitte CIS. She has been in Deloitte since April 2020 and is conducting role of the Leader of Korean Service Group, supporting all service l... More