Legal services for Life Sciences and Health Сare industry

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Legal services for Life Sciences and Health Сare industry 

Support of medicine and medical device registration

Assisting medical device and medicine producers with the development of internal policies; review of existing policies for compliance with the Russian laws

Legal support with the product importation, labelling, and packaging

Legal support of public-private partnerships and healthcare infrastructure projects

Legal support of companies during medicine development and production, pre-clinical studies, and clinical trials; control of medicine quality, efficiency and safety, and compliance with medicine sales requirements

Advising on and preparation of legal opinions on the companies’ marketing activities

Advising on the use and commercialisation of mobile apps and other electronic products

Developing contractual arrangements with pharmacies, including marketing and bonus agreements

Advising on government procurement and pricing issues, structuring contractual arrangements among industry stakeholders

Legal support with regulatory audits, analysis of specifications from the regulatory practice perspective

Legal analysis of telemedicine projects risks; project structuring

Legal support with antimonopoly compliance, development of trade policies setting forth vendor selection criteria, procedures and terms

Protection of corporate intellectual property

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