Deloitte supported IX St. Petersburg International Legal Forum as Partner

LegalTech+: Legal + Digital = Art

As Partner of the IX St. Petersburg International Legal Forum, Deloitte Legal held a business panel called ‘LegalTech+: Legal + Digital = Art’

The panel featured two sessions.

Session 1: Best Practices Of Tomorrow

Navigating through complex business processes cannot be safe without a lawyer, who is the compliance core of the entire company. As certain automated technologies become obsolete, the importance of integrated solutions offering infrastructure for communication, knowledge management and sharing, performance evaluation, risk management, and business decision-making becomes paramount.

A team of lawyers, tax, IT and business consultants demonstrated solutions designed to address complex tasks and reduce the volume of routine requests – Deloitte Legal HUB, Revolver Online, and a unique intellectual property management platform.

Session 2: Technologies Safeguarding Rights To Artistic Works

With its new business line – Art&Finance – Deloitte CIS aims to provide comprehensive assistance to art market participants. We are pleased to see the emergence of blockchain registries (such as IPCHAIN), which, in addition to ensuring transparency of transactions, can be used to protect the rights of authors and copyright holders.

How to take advantage of technologies to protect intellectual property and artistic works and what are the risks of not using them?  

The session was moderated by Anna Kostyra, Managing Partner, Deloitte Legal CIS.

Speakers: Ekaterina Portman, Director; Ekaterina  Bespalova and Artemy Ivanyushin, Senior Lawyers, Deloitte Legal CIS

Deloitte Legal team members were also invited to speak at other business panels of the Forum.

  • Anna Kostyra moderated the session “Technologies across practices and business lines: new tools that may come in handy for Legal” held at World Café organised by the portal on 15 May from 15:00 to 16:30 at the General Staff Building (Hyde Park Hall).
  • Anna also took part in a session on intellectual property in the pharmaceutical industry held in the General Staff Building on Friday, 17 May from 13.00 to 14:30.
  • Daria Zagrebina, Lawyer, Deloitte Legal CIS, spoke on distribution of medicines at a panel discussion on 17 May held from 17.00 to 18.00 at the General Staff Building.
  • Yuriy Khalimovskiy, Director, Deloitte Legal CIS, shared his thoughts on how digitalisation impacts the legal profession at the round-table discussion Law in Modern Times on 14 May at 10.00 (held as part of the X International Youth Legal Forum).
  • On 18 May, Svetlana Meyer, Managing Partner of Deloitte CIS Tax and Legal, and Artem Vasyutin, Partner and Head of Deloitte CIS Tax and Legal in St. Petersburg, joined the alumni reunion of St. Petersburg State University. As part of the programme, one of the country’s leading universities hosted discussions on the most relevant science and social development issues, opened interactive art and science sites, and held scientific experiments and concerts.


kvARTirnik, the Russian home concert

The vibes of the cultural capital make any social gathering an elegant soirée, which the attendees of the kvARTirnik art party hosted by Deloitte Legal jointly with Kommersant Publishing House at the iconic Rubenstein restaurant could see for themselves.

The season was opened with May’s most ARTmospheric event, featuring unhurried conversations around an exclusive selection of photographs offered by the Yellow Korner gallery.

The event’s special guest – the famous actor Gosha Kutsenko – went far beyond his acting persona with his musical performance. Lawyers attending the party were impressed to see how the familiar abbreviation, GK (Russian for the Civil Code and also Gosha Kutsenko’s initials ) can take on new meanings!

Pleasant surprises awaited guests throughout the evening.

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