Intellectual property and IT


Intellectual property and IT

Trademark and brand protection and management solutions

Protection of intangibles held by industrial companies

Comprehensive protection of know-hows and valuable information

Protection of software, database and website rights (SaaS, full-scope IP protection)

Legal support of franchising arrangements and licensing

Automated IP management tool (online plus 1C)

Monitoring of trademark misuse

Management of legal risks associated with open-source based software development

Diagnosing data processing and protection processes and businesses and ensuring their regulatory compliance

Legal structuring of technology projects and data transactions

Legal support of the development and commercialisation of new technologies, ensuring their compliance with the legal and ethical norms

Other IT and IP management services, including asset stocktaking


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Artemiy Ivanyushin

Artemiy Ivanyushin

Senior Lawyer, Legal

Artemy speclialises in protection and commercialisation of intelectual property (IP). Over eight years in profession, he has worked with Russian and international companies from the IT, pharmaceutical... More