IP Smart Register


IP Smart Register

IP Smart Register is an automated solution for intellectual property rights management.

What IP Smart Register can do for your business:

  • streamline IP management process
  • facilitate interactions with IP developers and counterparties
  • reduce the administrative burden and costs while mitigating legal risks
  • create framework for intangible assets management and IP commercialisation
  • enable timely capitalisation of R&D costs

Our approach

  • We conduct interviews to identify the existing IP management processes and prepare recommendations on their improvement
  • We map business processes covering the full lifecycle of IP assets, create a role model of their execution, and develop necessary internal regulations
  • We develop specifications to customise the solution, gearing it to the client’s business needs, targeted business processes, and role model
  • We populate the system with data of the existing IP assets and conduct user trainings for the customer’s employees

Why now?

Deloitte Legal looked into how legal teams and IP management teams work in dozens of major companies and identified the most common problems:

  • no IP management regulations in place
  • no dedicated IP management body/function in place
  • no systemic business processes in place to identify IP assets, monitor their utilisation and copyright violations, and identify commercial use opportunities.

Visibility of all IP assets will facilitate decision-making and enable you to manage your IP portfolio at a strategic level, matching intangible assets to products, markets, and revenue streams.

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