Headcount modelling


Headcount modelling

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Headcount modelling is about creating a mathematical model to look at temporal changes in headcount.

Headcount models can be formed from a set of dimensions, which can be as detailed as necessary with any segment of data (from the line of business to an individual specialist across subsidiaries). Each dimension can include an unlimited number of user-defined parameters with a capability for online scenario-based analysis of company development.

This publication covers a modelling approach, including samples of tasks that the headcount model can perform within the following dimensions:

  • As-is headcount analysis
  • Headcount demand forecasting
  • Headcount supply forecasting
  • Demand and supply balancing

Each dimension features sample modelling outputs based on a certain set of parameters such as personnel turnover and average retirement age.

A headcount model can use an almost unlimited variety of user-defined parameters with a capability for online, scenario-based analysis of company development.

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