Performance management


Performance management

Our consultants have experience in the development and implementation of complex integrated performance management systems – from testing existing management systems through to the development of an integrated concept, to implementation of automated solutions for dashboard visualisation, KPI planning, control, accounting and monitoring. 

In the modern, dynamic business environment, every company wants to make decisions as fast as possible based on precise, reliable information. A system of integrated performance management allows for greater control over business and also for fewer costs on processing the information needed to take decisions. Deloitte’s international experience can ensure the successful application of tried and tested methodologies to similar issues in any business.

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Integrated performance management

Deloitte offers a full range of services for designing and implementing balanced scorecard and KPI systems, and for preparing recommendations on a management motivation system based on KPIs.

An effectively developed system of KPIs allows companies to harmonise the objectives of the functional heads of subsidiaries and business units with the strategic goals of the company to the extent that it has become one of the key factors in a company’s success on the market. Clearly defined goals and priorities held to make the system of managing and motivating personnel as clear and effective as possible. 

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Key performance indicators (KPIs) and balanced scorecards (BSCs)

We help to create an integrated budgeting system, including economic and financial planning systems, preparation of the group’s consolidated budget, automation of the budgeting function and we provide support for your team during the implementation process. 

To analyse the performance of a company, shareholders and investors want reliable and timely information prepared in accordance with the necessary standards and offering control over the operations of a company. An effective budgeting system can provide this information.

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Design and implementation of budgeting systems

We offer a full range of solutions that allow you to identify, assess, collect, analyze and interpret management information allowing you to efficiently direct company performance.

The preparation of timely and reliable information for internal and external clients is one of the most important tasks of any finance function. Deloitte’s experience can help our clients to effectively resolve issues related to the creation and optimization of management accounting systems and to the selection and implementation of instruments to help these systems.

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Management accounting and reporting

We have experience and expertise in addressing complicated aspects of financial and investment planning, building financial models and business plans, and analysing the feasibility of investment projects.

We offer our clients our experience and expertise in solutions for financial and investment planning, building financial models, preparing business plans and feasibility studies for investment projects.

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Investment and business planning

Effective management of every element of working capital is supported by comprehensive planning and continuing improvements, as well as by adherence to control procedures designed to increase liquidity.

The effective management of working capital is an important task for financial managers as it allows companies to free up extra funds through greater liquidity, to use resources efficiently and to provide a stable cash flow. Deloitte’s approach is aimed at the application of quick solutions for optimization in short deadlines and then for making the management of working capital more effective taking into account the interrelationships of all the processes involved: management of accounts receivable and accounts payable, inventory management and procurement, cash management and optimization of tax benefits.

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Working capital optimisation