Services for Sports industry’s companies


Services for Sports industry’s companies

Over the past 15 years Deloitte has formed a strong international team of consultants and experts providing services to the companies of the sports industry and organizing committees of FIFA, NHL, Olympic Games, Formula 1 and other major sports events.

Deloitte is well known in the world of the sports industry. We issue annual reports and specialized researches, as well as provide services to sports organizations, leagues and clubs around the world, including Russia.

The sports industry in Russia is rapidly developing now. In Moscow and Moscow Region alone, there are over four thousand sports organizations.

In 2020 and 2021, our country will host such major events as the UEFA European Football Championship 2020, Formula 1 VTB Grand Prix of Russia 2020, the FIFA World Beach Soccer World Cup 2021, and many others.

In 2014, the Government of the Russian Federation approved the National Policy for the Development of Physical Culture and Sports Until 2024.

The main objectives of this government programme are:

- to involve population into regular sports activities

- to make Russian sports more competitive internationally

- to facilitate hosting of major international competitions.

In addition, in 2019 the Federal Law “On Physical Culture and Sport in the Russian Federation” was amended regarding the activities of fitness centers.

These amendments gave fitness centers the right to provide physical training services to citizens, as well as the right to hold official sports events, which is an excellent platform for the development of the fitness industry within the framework of public-private partnerships, investment and sponsorship contracts, as well as contracts for providing services to the client's employees on a corporate basis.

In order to protect consumers, the law provides for a number of obligations in relation to fitness centers, including attracting qualified personnel to provide services and ensuring their professional development; creating appropriate conditions for the provision of services (premises and sports equipment), etc.

In addition, fitness centers also received the right to develop quality standards for the provision of services.

All this requires sports companies to have a high level of self-organisation and build effective relationships both within the organization and outside it.

Profound knowledge of the specifics of the activities of sports organizations allows us to implement specialized projects in the following areas:

  • transaction support, drawing up model agreements and other documents governing internal and external legal relations of the company, including public-private partnerships and investments in the sports industry and sports events; tax and legal optimization of transactions;
  • development of a strategic business plan, including an assessment of the economic and social effect of sporting events;
  • development of the strategies as a part of sporting events (organization of the receptions, optimization of the offer structure and ticket prices, further use of venues, etc.);
  • support to organizing committees in planning, organizing and hosting sports events;
  • implementation of a planning, budgeting and control system in the framework of sports events;
  • legal and tax support for franchising: identification of elements of a franchise portfolio, preparation of agreements, optimization of tax consequences;
  • benchmarking and best international practice in sports management;
  • consulting on project management of capital construction of sports facilities;
  • licensing support;
  • comprehensive brand protection: identification of brand’s key elements and preparing a protection strategy, including pre-trial, administrative, and judicial measures;
  • consulting on advertising, bonus programmes, contests, promotions, and other events;
  • supporting transfers of Russian and foreign athletes to/from national and foreign clubs;
  • GDPR and Russian personal data regulations compliance;
  • automation of business processes, developing automated drafting solutions to generate contracts for paid sports services;
  • implementation and adjustment of compliance procedures for specific business processes;
  • employment and tax consulting for sports clubs, athletes, and trainers;
  • challenging the legal acts (decisions of public authorities) that violate legitimate interests of the client;
  • representation before national and international sports federations, state and arbitration courts.



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